PWRTrade Review

pwr trade reviewWhen it comes to ranking binary options brokers, the best you can find is PWRtrade, a broker who offers a wealth of platform features, trading options, money transfer methods and, most importantly, assets. They are a thoughtful and considerate company, as they even offer an Islamic account that respects the principles of the Muslim faith.

The company is expanding rapidly and more and more traders join each day. As they expand, PWRtrade just keeps getting better as they continue to hone their services.

They strive to use the most up-to-the-minute, cutting edge technology available, and to educate their customers by running a comprehensive Education Center that teaches traders everything about binary options trading, every step of the way. With defined security measures and account verification, this broker makes sure that every little detail is taken care of. Lets continue with this PWRtrade review to see what else they offer.

Trading Platform Features

There are so many features on this platform that there is definitely something for everyone to use. PWRtrade has One Touch options, which make your trades at the touch of a button. So if you’re a self-assured trader who’s certain about your deals and are pretty sure your underlying asset will hit a pre-determined point before the deal expires, this is a great way to make up to 400% returns!

Perhaps you’re interested in giving the Ladder feature a try. Throughout the day, traders will need to anticipate the step-by-step movement of an underlying asset’s price. If you’ve been trading for quite some time and have cultivated a good level of insight into the market then you can definitely use this option to your advantage.

If you want to make money in a hurry, don’t miss out on 60-second trades. Fast profits and quick opening and closing allow you to make deals back to back if you wish. These are also known as Speed Options and they can provide a huge return if you play your cards right.

When it comes to Pairs trading, this platform allows you to make the best of its features as its performance is second to none. In Pairs you’ll need to look at the assets and anticipate the relative ration between them. Basically, you’re looking to see which one will do better and setting your deals accordingly.

Binary Options Signals and Robot Compatibility

If you are interested in automated binary options trading then you have to check out one of the top rated binary options brokers. You can find some binary options robots reviews on this UK site and they seem to offer an unbiased opinion.

PWRTrade is one of the brokers that is compaitble with some of these binary options robots.

Tradable Assets

There are a whole host of tradable assets at PWRtrade. They offer all the major currency pairs and they have a click-down menu on their website to show the exchange rates between the currency pairs, the trading hours, the Reuters code and the expiry rule.

You can also trade in stocks, with well-known brands such as Nissan Motor, Microsoft, Coca Cola and BP at your disposal. You can find out more about each stock by clicking on the drop-down menu on the Asset Index on their site.

Commodities are here too and you can deal precious metals (silver, platinum and gold) or you can opt to trade in coffee, sugar, wheat or crude oil.

For those wishing to trade in indices, you can find a varied mix to choose from, including (but certainly not limited to) DAX (Germany), HANG SENG (Hong Kong), KL Future and S&P 500 (US).

Customer Service and Support

Easily one of the things that makes PWRtrade stand out from the crowd is their reputation for perfectly executed customer service. They have multiple phone numbers for a variety of countries, an email address which always leads to fast responses, an online contact form, and best of all, a Live Chat function where someone is available 24/7 to deal with your questions and queries. Their customer service representatives have a good reputation for being polite, knowledgeable and quick to answer.

Is PWRtrade a good broker?

There is no reason not to work through this broker as they offer an exceptional service to each customer and really take the time to make sure traders are fully catered for. A strong, capable interface negates any troublesome technical issues and seamlessly lets traders open and close their deals.

There are also plenty of assets for people to choose from and with the options of Pairs trading it means that you can have a good level of flexibility here. The safety and security of this site is extremely good and they go to a lot of effort to keep their customers’ accounts protected. They have a committed ethos of providing excellent service and making sure they develop with the market.

Perhaps the only thing that could be improved would be the addition of a Demo Account; however, this site functions so well that there is no doubt that most traders would go straight for a full account anyway, especially considering the great bonuses they offer. All in all, PWRtrade is about as good as they come.