computer-767776_640The options trading industry is gaining ground day by day and being recognized as a way of profiting from trading through this platform. The binary options trading market is becoming as popular as the forex or the stock market. With the availability of the trading platforms online, it has given greater access and ease to traders to explore and speculate in this kind of trade.

Not only are the trading platforms become web based, removing the need for lengthy software downloads onto trading computers, there are additional features and innovations that are being added to make trades on these platforms more lucrative. One of the mechanisms that has been introduced is the binary options signals trading.

What are binary options trading signals?

For traders, the dilemma of making the right prediction is the main concern in binary options trading. This was initially being done by studying the market conditions, charts and using strategies manually. The signaling systems that have been introduced is making the predictions an automated and accurate method for making predictions in this trading market.

The binary options signals are software that have been introduced in order to help the traders make accurate predictions. The signal software works by sweeping the charts of the popular assets in a certain market category or in different categories and notifying the traders when it is time to make an investment. The signals also work on auto mode, where the right prediction is done based on a trend discovered and the trade is executed on the basis of the trend found.

Best Binary Options Signal Providers

You should be very careful when opting for a binary options signal service. Unfortunately there are a lot of scam services out there, or services that simply don’t work. We have done the research for you, and here are the three most popular and trusted binary options signal services:

1) Binary Option Robot Review

There are several signal software found in the market. One of the popular signal systems is binary option robot. Those who are looking to use this system will know that, this system makes use of an algorithm that checks the value of the asset in the real time. As per the current price and the existing trends and patterns there is a notification sent to the trader. Accordingly the trader is advised to execute the trade.

The system works on trends that are predefined and are seen as an accumulation of the changes that the price of the asset has exhibited over a certain time period. Hence, if the trend is upward but the asset price has fallen, it might go up again and that is how the signal system will advise the trader members. The signal system is not affiliated to any brokerage system and hence it works in an independent manner.

2) Signals365 Review

There is another binary options signals system that is gaining popularity in the market, known as signals365. This service was launched last year but its accuracy levels are dependable. For short term trades the accuracy factor is seventy percent while the accuracy for long term trades is higher than eighty percent.

This web based signaling system does not require any new brokerage service to be signed up for. All results are published on the site in order to ensure transparency. When it comes to usability of the site, the signals are shown along with details about the asset, the expiry time as well as countdown timers.

3) John Anthony Signals Review

There is another new signaling service that has made an entrance in the binary options trading scene which is known as John Anthony Signals. This unique service delivers trade alerts to the inbox of the traders. When one signs up as a member there are several features that can be accessed like the high risk signals, live market watch and filtered signals. There is a large base of educational resources on the site as well. The signal delivery interface is like a live feed system where new signals are updated. The average accuracy rate of the site is around seventy percent.


Those who are looking to use the binary options trading to make money, they need to understand the trading strategies and tools that are manually used by experienced traders. The study of patterns and other market trends and news that need to be studied cannot be replaced always by a signaling system.

While a signaling system will surely help one to take action in case of short term trades, there is less guarantee of accuracy in these trades as compared to long term trades. It is important to ensure that, one uses their knowledge of the market conditions and price trends of the underlying asset that they are trading with at the time of using the signaling system.

The decision to execute a trade should be a culmination of the person’s understanding of the price trends in the market as well as the inputs received from the signaling system. One needs to use their own judgment in these matters as well as the accuracy factor in these systems is not hundred percent. By combining the inputs of the signal systems and one’s own judgment the accuracy levels are heightened.

Also remember that to be 100% also pick one of the regulated brokers like 24option and optionfair. This way you will know that your money is safe.