Optionfair Review

optionfair review

When you look at OptionFair as a binary options trading platform, you will realize that it is not only restricted to offering trades in binary options but it is a comprehensive online broking platform. The broker is a regulated one and has been in business for a long time. The different features of the broking site are highlighted below for one to gain a comprehensive view of the site.

A Reliable Broking Platform

Most people who embark to trade in binary options would like to be assured of the reliability and authenticity of the platform. When one comes to OptionFair they will realize that this is a veteran broking platform which was launched back in 2010. Today its operations are recognized globally.

The platform offers a valid and solid ground on which one can build their expertise in trading in different assets.

The minimum deposit on OptionFair is $250 and the maximum payout is 89%.

User Friendly Interface

The site has a clear and institutive interface that makes it easy for beginners to get started. The interface has been upgraded recently to make it attractive and informative which is a great value addition for the investors.

Convenient Asset Listing For Investors

The investors, new or experienced, coming onto this site, will realize that the site is well organized when it comes to listing the assets as per the expiry time. The assets that are on the top are the ones that will expire within a short time while the assets listed last will only expire after the day has ended. As a result, traders are able to view the upcoming assets or rearrange them as per other categories.

Greater Returns

There is one reason why all investors are happy on OptionFair. That is mainly because of the average return that it offers. Returns can be as high as 85% on a wide range of assets. The average return on this site is around eighty percent, which is higher than the average in the online trading industry.

However the variety of assets might be low as compared to other broking sites. Also, the trading table keeps changing constantly as the expiry timings on many trades are kept rather short.

Pressure On Investors

Most of the assets listed on this site come with varying expiry time, which can be very short. As a result, investors who wish to invest in the assets need to quickly get their research data together. There is basic information provided on the assets but that might not be enough to make an informed decision within the short time frame.

This kind of a trading environment usually puts a lot of pressure on the investors. Those who are new to the trading platform might not be able to make the right choice under such a scenario. This platform is known to have brought in the practice of fast trading in binary options, but there is less time to make strategic decisions on this field.

Support Team

Those who are experienced traders might excel in the trading situation created on this platform where the table of assets keeps getting updated every fifteen minutes. Profits can be as high as 89%. Those who have a basic knowledge of the market or those who are risk taking beginners will surely excel on the platform.

This platform has a dedicated customer care forum where customer reviews and comments are captured. Some people are frustrated with the kind of fee they charge and the limited trading tools available.

However, it is known that the site matches an initial deposit with a ten percent bonus amount which is a great option as well. The site allows one to withdraw their deposit amount if the bonus amount is not paid as well as withdraw their payments within five days.