Stockpair Review

This is a web based broking platform that offers a unique way for investing in stocks. The stock trading is done in pairs which is a unique approach for investors. In this platform investors can trade in stocks in the same way currency pair trading is done.

For those who are new to paired trading can explore this form of trading at ease on this platform. Background information about the stocks that are being paired up is provided to the investors. As a result, the investors usually bet on the pairs that they feel are winning combinations. The company is an Ireland based venture that started in 2010. It is a proprietary platform that is managed by Nextrade Worldwide Ltd. Being a registered and licensed trading company, it offers a dependable yet simple trading interface for the traders.

Trading Platform Features

Those who are looking to make money through binary options trading can avail of the new approach of stock pair trading that is provided on this platform. Currency pair trading is done on the same lines by investors. The unique trading method is made simple on this platform. There is a wide array of underlying assets that are paired on this platform which can be chosen by the investors in order to invest in and speculate accordingly.

There are fixed and floating pairs offered on the platform. In the case of fixed pair options, the relative performance at the time of purchase to the time when the trade expires is considered. In case of floating options the stocks are judged as per a predefined period which could be a day, week or a month. Traders can exercise different kinds of trading styles as per their convenience, risk appetite and the amount they wish to speculate with.

One can opt for the silver, gold, platinum or VIP account on this platform. Every account is defined by a certain minimum deposit requirement and has benefits attached to it. When a minimum deposit requirement is reached, traders get upgraded to the next account automatically. The payout can vary between eighty six percent to three hundred and fifty percent.


The platform is known to offer several categories of assets for clients to trade in. There are commodities, indices, equities and Forex on which one can execute trade. There are a total of one hundred and fifty types of assets that traders can choose from.

Currency pairs like USD with other country currencies as well as commodities like gas, oil, silver, gold, indices like NASDAQ, AEX, DAX and stocks of companies like Apple, AOL, Aegon and others are some of the several assets that are provided in different categories for choosing to trade in by the sellers. With the wide category of assets and the pairing suggestions provided on the site, many traders are able to make lucrative trades on the site.

Customer Support

The customer support and service options are varied on this platform. There are different email addresses provided in order to get different queries addressed. The support teams, the sales and the billing team can be approached separately by the following email addresses:,,

There are telephone support numbers provided for the different countries like Cyprus, Canada, Bahrain, Australia and others. As a result, customers of the different countries can find easy support and assistance at the diverse customer care options provided. There is a live chat feature included as well for the traders.

Education Support

Those who are looking to trade through this platform will surely benefit even if they are novice traders. Many people wish to explore the lucrative world of trading in binary options. The pair trading that this platform provides as well as the fixed and the floating variants are diverse ways to explore different assets and to maximize profits from trading. The education materials that are provided on the site are sufficient for one to start off trading.

There is a stimulator to try as well which is beneficial for those who are starting new. The simulator software can be used as much as one wishes to in order to gain confidence in trading on real time scenario. The trading platform is simple and user friendly, allowing many to conclude trading on the platform at ease.

Is Stockpair a Good Broker?

Those who are looking to find a reliable platform for binary trades, they will find this trading platform easy to use as well as access to a wide range of different underlying assets that can be paired up for successful and lucrative trading.

Even though the minimum balance is high, the payouts are even higher which makes this is a suitable platform to opt for. Many customers who have utilized this platform have given high ratings and positive reviews regarding the payouts and customer support features.