Binary Options Reviews and Comparison

Before depositing to a binary options broker, you should first read a few reviews about them. There are hundreds of brokers out there, and more and more are starting every month. In order to separate the good from the bad, should you read the experiences of others.

We took the time to do some research by reading a lot of user reviews and testing the brokers sites ourselves. We also dug deep to find possible scams, scandals and negative news about the brokers. On this site you will find a number of binary options broker reviews and honest, unbiased articles and opinions.

Those who are keen to win at their binary options trading every time, need to understand the indicators for the asset that they are investing in as well as choose the right time frame for the commodity or asset involved. For that reason, it is imperative to be a part of the right trading community.

A community that has considerable experience in trades in a certain asset offers tools and techniques to predict the asset’s behavior and offers valuable information that can prove to be invaluable to a trader.

Not only that, but you also need a trusted and safe broker platform, where you don’t have to be afraid of losing your money. There are a few scam brokers, so make sure to do some research by reading our articles and user reviews on the internet.

By reading the broker reviews, not only will you find out some basic information about each broker, but you will also know what unique features each one of them has, and what exclusive deals you can get, if you sign up from our website. We will also update the reviews on a regular basis, so you will always know if there is something new going on with a broker.

Choose The Right Kind Of Payouts

When you have decided to trade in binary options profitably, you need to choose a platform that offers payouts of seventy percent and above. The higher the payout the better for a trader, but the usual norm is between seventy to eighty percent. You can check out our broker review pages to find out which broker offers what payout.

How to Choose a Binary Options Broker?

You should always check comparisons websites like this one or other sites like There are sites that showcase the market sentiment which allows one to choose the trades accordingly as well as know the number of trades taking place in different directions. The sites that indicate a 50/50 volume of trading in both directions will mean that, there are hundred traders who are trading for the asset to go up as well as hundred trading for the asset’s price to move in the other direction.

In this case, no matter what the outcome is, with a site payout percentage of 75 it would mean that every trader will win seventy five dollars for every hundred dollar invested and the trading broker will pocket the hundred dollars from the losers. Hence, the more popular a binary trading broking platform the more they are willing to have traders’ open accounts with them. The risk exposure is less for these brokers.

Pick Binary Options Brokers regulated by CySEC

The aim of any serious investor is to protect one’s capital and build it slowly with the help of the money you win back from the market. Always pick a Cysec regulated broker, because that way you know that your money is safe. We don’t say that unregulated brokers are not secure, because there are quite a few good broker sites that are not regulated by Cysec, but if you are a non US trader, then you are better off with a regulated one.

With this aim in mind one should trade only ten percent of their trading money or keep it at five percent. It is best that one reduces the percentage of their total capital available for trading so that the risks are hedged better.

I’ve read the review, joined a broker, now what?

When you are planning to stick around with binary options trading, it is important that you understand the charts, the price movement indicators and the asset price movement in the market. One needs to stay updated with the right information before embarking on trading. And don’t forget that your opinion always counts, so if you had a positive or negative experience with a broker, come back to our website and write a review. The other users will appreciate it.