Banc De Binary Review

banc de binary review

There are several reasons that Banc De Binary can be considered as a reliable trading platform when it comes to binary options trading. One of the prime reasons is that there is a lot of information to be obtained from this site which is unlike the other broking platforms. However the large availability of information might seem overwhelming to the investors, especially those who are new to the binary options trading platform.

Continue reading this banc de binary review to find out the shortcomings and benefits of this binary options broker.

Cluttered Information

Even though this binary options broking platform offers a lot of information on assets, market conditions and trading strategies and tools, one might find it difficult to maneuver through the different sections, especially when they are new to the site. There is a live support feature which might be beneficial, but it definitely interrupts one as they try to find their way to the needed information on the site.

Convenient Features

The Spot Option feature is easy to use and there are several features included in it which makes it convenient for the newbies and experienced users alike. The users do not need to download additional software when trading on this platform.

There is functional option builder software included along with one touch or sixty second trading options. No matter which type of trading one opts for, the returns vary between seventy to ninety one percent. The average return of this trading platform is similar to the others in the industry, around seventy two percent.

The minimum deposit on Banc De Binary is only $250 and the max payout is 90%, which is one of the highest in the industry.

Differentiated Accounts

There are differentiated accounts that are offered on this trading platform. The more one deposits the more benefits are offered. If you opt for the low end account, you will end up in Micro Silver while those who make deposits like $250 or even as high amounts as $50k will be part of the Lions Club account.

There are several benefits offered to the VIP members. Those who make considerable deposits get a personal assistant feature who will handle all the calls and make appointments as well as help one to access tickets to sold out events besides helping one to trade on this platform.

A Registered Portal For Trading

For those who are concerned about the authenticity of the site, they will be relieved to know that the site is registered with the CySec as well as FCA and follows their regulations. While its European regulations are in place, US customers might have some problems as US authorities are yet to provide it clearance.

Bonuses, Withdrawals And Other Features

For those who made the minimum deposit of $250 they are offering a bonus of 50% and the amount that can be wagered is twenty times the deposited amount and the bonus. The amounts won cannot be withdrawn unless one has acquired the stipulated turnover amount. The minimum withdrawal amount stipulated by the site is $100. This is processed in a time period of two days or more, depending on the payment options chosen.

Limitations To Remember

The main limitation of the site becomes obvious as one looks at the minimum deposit amount. This site is clearly designed for the high rollers and those who would like to play their money in this market with thousands. For those who are looking to start with a small sum and protect their capital, this site might not work for them.

For the high rollers there are several incentives offered besides the trading advantages which make sense. Again, for US customers this site might not be recommended due to their problems with the US regulatory authorities.